ASTR 1P01/02: Introduction to Astronomy I/II
Practice Questions

Please solve the following questions. This is not an assignment, it will not be graded, and you do not need to submit your solutions to anyone. The questions are simply intended to help you practice for the exam.

These questions will not appear in the exam itself. Students who don't genuinely attempt to solve the questions on their own, and only memorize the solutions, will have a very hard time in the actual exam!

These questions are not multiple-choice, to encourage you to think of the answers on your own, but the questions in the actual exam will be multiple-choice.

If you need any clarifications for these questions, you can ask for them on the course Teams channel.

Question 1

"It is known that the model of the universe that we have right now is 100% correct." True or false?

Question 2

What is a scientific model called before it is verified experimentally?

Question 3

What happens if the results of experiments disagree with the predictions of a scientific theory?

Question 4

What is a challenge that astronomy has, which other sciences generally don't have?

Question 5

A famous astronomer wrote a paper with a new theory. The theory has not been tested experimentally, but the astronomer is VERY famous. Can we assume that the theory is correct?

Question 6

What was the new class of astronomical objects predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity?

Question 7

Is the number 3×107 smaller or larger than the number 6×105?

Question 8

What is a light-year?

Question 9

"A fast race car can reach speeds of up to 10% of the speed of light." True or False?

Question 10

Which is longer, a meter or a kilometer?

Question 11

I observed a supernova (an exploding star) in the sky this year. The distance to the supernova was 12,000 light-years. How long ago did the star actually explode?

Question 12

What does the Earth have that no other planet in the solar system has?

Question 13

How many planets are in the solar system? Can you name all of them?

Question 14

Which planet is the closest to the Sun? Which planet is the farthest away from the Sun?

Question 15

What's the difference between a planet and a star?

Question 16

What is the closest star to the Sun? How far is it? How long does it take light from that star to get to us?

Question 17

"There are several million stars in the Milky Way Galaxy." True or false?

Question 18

Is the Sun at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy?

Question 19

Have astronomers been able to take photos of the Milky Way Galaxy from outside the galaxy?

Question 20

Is Andromeda the nearest galaxy to us?

Question 21

What is the name of the cluster of galaxies that the Milky Way belongs to?

Question 22

What is the name of the supercluster that this cluster belongs to?

Question 23

"Oxygen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe." True or False?

Question 24

What are the 3 types of subatomic particles that atoms are made of?

Question 25

"Humans have existed for most of the lifetime of the Universe." True or False?

Question 26

"The Earth has existed since the beginning of the Universe." True or False?

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