ASTR 1P01/02: Introduction to Astronomy I/II
Practice Questions

Please solve the following questions. This is not an assignment, it will not be graded, and you do not need to submit your solutions to anyone. The questions are simply intended to help you practice for the exam.

These questions will not appear in the exam itself. Students who don't genuinely attempt to solve the questions on their own, and only memorize the solutions, will have a very hard time in the actual exam!

These questions are not multiple-choice, to encourage you to think of the answers on your own, but the questions in the actual exam will be multiple-choice.

If you need any clarifications for these questions, you can ask for them on the course Teams channel.

Question 1

What is Mercury's distance from the Sun?

Question 2

Does Mercury have a metal core, like Earth does?

Question 3

Why does Mercury not experience seasons?

Question 4

Among Earth, Venus, and Mars, which two planets are closest in their physical characteristics (mass, diameter, and so on)?

Question 5

Why is the temperature on Venus so hot?

Question 6

Which planet is potentially more suitable to life, Venus or Mars?

Question 7

Studying and exploring other planets is an important endeavor, even just for pure knowledge and curiosity, but also for colonization in the far future. But can you think about some possible practical applications that are relevant today?

Question 8

What is the difference between gas giants and ice giants?

Question 9

Why does Uranus experience seasons differently than other planets?

Question 10

Which of the outer planets has the longest period of rotation around the Sun, and why?

Question 11

What are the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn composed of?

Question 12

What is Saturn's hexagon?

Question 13

What is the Great Red Spot?

Question 14

Which of the outer planets has the smallest numbers of known moons?

Question 15

How is Pluto categorized, and why?

Question 16

What kind of tails does a comet have? Which directions do they point towards, and why?

Question 17

Where do most comets come from?

Question 18

What are centaurs?

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