ASTR 1P01/02: Introduction to Astronomy I/II
Practice Questions

Please solve the following questions. This is not an assignment, it will not be graded, and you do not need to submit your solutions to anyone. The questions are simply intended to help you practice for the exam.

These questions will not appear in the exam itself. Students who don't genuinely attempt to solve the questions on their own, and only memorize the solutions, will have a very hard time in the actual exam!

These questions are not multiple-choice, to encourage you to think of the answers on your own, but the questions in the actual exam will be multiple-choice.

If you need any clarifications for these questions, you can ask for them on the course Teams channel.

Question 1

What are the two most abundant gases in the Sun?

Question 2

What is plasma?

Question 3

What are the layers of the Sun, from innermost to outermost?

Question 4

Which of the Sun's layers can we see, and when?

Question 5

What is the solar cycle?

Question 6

How long will it take a CME traveling at 500 km/s to reach the Earth and pose a risk to the orbiting space station? Will we have enough notice in advance?

Question 7

What is the hottest part of the Sun?

Question 8

What are the main similarities and differences between the radiative and convective zones?

Question 9

What are granules?

Question 10

What's unusual about the fact that the chromosphere is hotter than the photosphere?

Question 11

Which part of the Sun exhibits the most steep increase in temperature?

Question 12

What is the penumbra, in the context of sunspots?

Question 13

Which solar cycle were we in during 2010?

Question 14

Water has a density of 1000 kg/m3. Is the Sun more or less dense than water? Does this differ between different locations?

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